Rain Shower Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Rain Shower in Pakistan is Rs.13,649 and estimated average price is Rs.20,439.


Showers are a therapeutic process, especially the feeling of water falling on one. To accentuate this one can opt for a rain shower if they want to feel like they are standing in rain. The prices vary but generally, this is a mid range accessory.


Rain showers are designed to make the water droplets feel like rainfall, this is a more calming shower experience. Generally, with rain showers, the pressure is comparatively lower and the size of the showerhead is larger so it can make the sensation of rain more real. Many people like how this feels compared to a regular shower.

The height of the showerhead with rain showers is also higher with many installed right by the ceiling of your bathroom, this also adds to the effect of rainfall.

Various brands produce rain showers and some are only claimed to be rain showers.

The price of rain showers is in the mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
Grohe Rain Showers Conceled Part For Smart Contro… Rs. 15,855
Grohe Rain Showers Conceled Part For Smart Contro… Rs. 13,649
Grohe Rain Showers Conceled Part For F Series Mul… Rs. 31,815
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