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The Lowest price of Rado Men Watch in Pakistan is Rs.68,500 and estimated average price is Rs.125,135.


One of the most well-known watch brands Rado has been making their own watches since the 1950s. With ceramic-based materials and sapphire crystal glass, Rado was the first brand to produce scratchproof watches. Still innovating today and producing beautifully designed timepieces. A top tear brand with expensive watches, but watches that could last a few lifetimes if cared for. Rado men's watches have been a big hit in South East Asia.


Some Rado history

Rado was initially known as Schlup & Co and was in the business of watch movement manufacturing; a third party part maker. Founded by the brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner in 1917; in a portion of their parents home in Lengnau, Switzerland. By the end of WWII, they were among the largest producers of watch movements world over. They first started producing their own watches in the 1950s and by the end of the decade were an internationally recognised brand with a presence in over 61 countries.

They are the pioneers of scratch-proof watches. The ability to have consistent colour in ceramic bodies is very impressive as it is extremely difficult to achieve. Oddly the first women's watch they introduced was in 1996.

Rado along the years

In the 1960s Rado introduced the men's watch that set them apart and made them a leader in the watch market, the DiaStar 1. It was marketed to be "the world's first scratchproof watch". Rado's lean toward innovation regarding material and design is what made this iconic watch possible, it is the first time hard metal and sapphire crystal were used in the watch industry. The innovative edge was maintained in the 1970s as well with newer versions of the DiaStar and the square-shaped Dia 67 which had an edge-to-edge metalised sapphire crystal glass.

This added to the minimalist feel and required new technological steps to achieve. In the mid-1980s the Rado Integral was another hit, the first watch with a scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic bracelet. Continuing as a top contender of the watch market in the 1990s as well with Rado Ceramica and the Rado Sintra. The Ceramica had a completely integrated case and bracelet made of sapphire crystal and ceramic. The Sintra was the first Rado made of cermet, a ceramic based on titanium combined with metal.

The 2000s and on

Releasing the Esenza in the new decade, a minimal oval-shaped watch with a straight strap, usually the strap was integrated with the watch but not this time. In 2002 a watch made from high-tech diamond able to withstand 10,000 Vickers in a pressure test was launched called the Rado V10K.

The 2000s decade ended with the release of the r5.5 collection. A minimalist design masterpiece by the British designer Jasper Morrison. 2011 was the year Rado launched an ultraslim ceramic watch called the True Thinline, measuring an unbelievable 5mm! 

Still keeping onto their innovative streak Rado introduced their first model ever without a watch crown, the time was set by a touch-sensitive dial on the 2013 Esenza Touch. Rado has continued to introduce new colours to their ceramic bodies. The features are generally minimal, the design, hardiness and style are what set them apart. Making top-quality products that could be passed down for generations.

General information

Rado produces only 500,000 watches each year, so they are not as easy to acquire. The brand is currently owned by the Swatch Group Ltd, which owns a host of other Swiss watch brands and also the watch production arms of well-known design houses such a Balmain and Calvin Klein. Rado is the Official Timekeeper of 12 international sporting tournaments and has been sponsoring international sports for over two decades. In the tennis world, Rado has become synonymous with the sport.


Continuously researching and innovating Rado is still one of the top brands in the watch market, with decades of design and quality behind them. The Rado men's watch segment has a lot of options one can choose from. This is a high-end brand with a price point to match.

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Used Rado Anatom wrist watch for men in smokey grey dial wi… Rs. 68,500
Rado Two-tone Stainless Steel Silver Dial Quartz Watch for … Rs. 148,599
Rado Diastar Silver Watch For Men Rs. 68,500
Rado DiaStar mens wrist watch in golden dial with red stone… Rs. 172,080
Rado Diastar Two Tone Watch For Men”s In Light golden Dial Rs. 168,000
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