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The Lowest price of Quaker Oatmeal in Pakistan is Rs.483 and estimated average price is Rs.714.


Oatmeal is mostly eaten as breakfast and is also known as porridge. Quaker is one of the most well-known brands all over the world for it and produces instant oatmeal that takes a few minutes to prepare. It can be made with water or milk as well, depending on what your dietary considerations or preferences are. People also add honey and fruits depending on how they want their oatmeal.


Quaker was established in 1877, today it is among one of the largest food conglomerates and is owned by PepsiCo. The brand has a lot of cereals and is probably the best-known producer of instant oatmeal. Instant oatmeal is rolled and pre-cooked by steaming. 

Oatmeal or porridge is considered to be a very healthy breakfast or snack that can be had at any other time. Quaker oatmeal makes for a healthy, high fibre meal. This helps reduce cholesterol and also helps one stay full longer so if you are trying to eat less overall that can be very helpful. Oatmeal also helps enhance the immune response and stabilizes blood sugar.

Of course, it is healthier if one is not adding sugar or other things to their oatmeal. If one is lactose intolerant, then they can also be prepared in water otherwise milk is used too. Many people who are working out or trying to lose weight eat oatmeal as a healthy option for all the reasons mentioned.

Oatmeal contains vitamin B6, potassium, iron, calcium sodium and protein among a few other nutrients.


The price of Quaker oatmeal is relatively affordable and makes for a great breakfast for kids, grownups and elders.

Price List

Model Price
Quaker White Oats, Tin, 500g Rs. 750
Quaker White Oats 500gm Tin (100% Wholegrain Hala… Rs. 740
Quaker White Oats, Quick Cooking, Wholegrain Oatm… Rs. 849
Quaker White Oats Tin 500gm Rs. 750
Quaker Quaker Oat Meal Tin 400g Rs. 483
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