Qi Wireless Charger Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Qi Wireless Charger in Pakistan is Rs.498 and estimated average price is Rs.4,827.


Wireless charging is fast becoming common as the major brands join in the race to develop the next best option. Qi wireless chargers refer to wireless chargers that meet the Qi standards regarding such charging. This lets you know if your smartphone or other portable devices are compatible with a said charger or not. Qi certification is often mentioned to make it easier to find the correct charger for your device.

Pros & Cons


  • Less clutter


  • Slower charging compared to wired chargers


Qi wireless chargers are wireless chargers that have Qi-certification. This is a standardised certification to make compatibility easier for various devices to work together with ease. Qi is pronounced "chee" and is a word of Chinese origin. Compared to regular chargers, for now, wireless chargers take more time to charge your devices, but this is only a matter of a bit of time, wireless chargers will catch up fast.

Different Kinds of Qi Wireless Chargers

There are wireless chargers available in different forms, the basic one is a charger that has a USB cable for power and has a pad that one can keep their smartphone or other Qi-certified devices on. There are options that have a stand that is somewhat upright so you can even look at your smartphone with ease while it charges. Some come with multiple pads or a cradle for your smartwatch plus a space for your smartphone.

As a lot of time is spent in cars while travelling or commuting, there are also smartphone holders that come with built-in Qi wireless chargers. This makes it super easy to get some power to your smartphone even while you use maps.

The last kind are wireless chargers that come with built into power banks, these make it easy for you to have portable power on you in case you are going to be out and about.


In the near future, there will be wireless chargers that can charge your devices even from a distance, Xiaomi already has a larger charger with that kind of functionality underway.

The price of Qi wireless chargers varies, depending on the brand and design. The one with multiple charging pads and a watch cradle would cost more than a simple wireless charging pad.

Known producers of Qi wireless chargers include Apple, RAVpower, Romoss, Samsung, Baseus, Belkin and Mi to name only a few.

Price List

Model Price
Qi Wireless Charger 5W/7.5W/10W for Cell Phone Fa… Rs. 1,196
Choetech T521S Qi Wireless Car Charging Stand 10W… Rs. 3,990
Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charger For iPhone 12 Pr… Rs. 4,256
Fantasy Wireless Qi-Certified Ultra-Slim Wireless… Rs. 655
Baseus Qi - Cobble 15W Wireless Charger - Univers… Rs. 3,959
Choetech T511S Choetech QI Certified 10W/7.5W Fas… Rs. 1,990
Automatic Sensor Qi Wireless Fast Mobile Charger … Rs. 2,900
Choetech 10W QI Certified Wireless Charging Pad (… Rs. 1,680
RAVPower Wireless Charging Stand 10W 2 Coils Qi C… Rs. 6,599
Choetech T521S Qi Wireless Car Charging Stand 10W… Rs. 2,990
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