Pubg Keychain Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Pubg Keychain in Pakistan is Rs.150 and estimated average price is Rs.261.


One can find keychains made in many different forms and as the merchandise of many different brands. This also includes keychains based on items from PUBG, the famous shooting game. PUBG keychains are available for lower-end prices.


PUBG Keychain

A game that is a cultural hit, PUBG. Given how widespread it became, there is a lot of merchandise one can buy related to the game; this includes PUBG keychains. Especially since some people collect keychains from various games, movies, musicians and more.

The PUBG keychains have key-fobs that are shaped like items from the game. This includes many of the weapons used, such as rifles and grenades. One can also find the PUBG backpack, the flare gun, the vest, parachute bag, health pack and the most basic weapon in the game; the PUBG frying pan.


The price of PUBG keychains is nominal. The collection is extensive, so one can pick the item that they prefer from their gameplay. 

Price List

Model Price
PUBG Keychain Rs. 220
PUBG M249 Keychain Rs. 175
Pubg Keychain Plane PUBG Model Keychain Rs. 299
PUBG Game Level 3 armor backpack bag Keychain Rs. 299
Level 3 Pubg Vest Keychain Rs. 199
PUBG level 3 Vest Keychain Rs. 150
Pack of 3 PUBG Kar98 K and Level 3 helmet and Bag… Rs. 250
PUBG AKM Keychain Rs. 180
Metal Pubg Airplane key chain big size super fini… Rs. 389
HR Business PUBG Air Drop Keychain Rs. 249
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