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Pregnancy Pillow Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Pregnancy Pillow in Pakistan is Rs.2,499 and estimated average price is Rs.3,009.


A pregnancy pillow as the name suggests is used by women from the time of conceiving into post-pregnancy care to support and comfort their back, stomach, hips, shoulders, head, and legs helping them relax and rest. There are several kinds of shapes and sizes available in a wide range of colours and materials designed for all body types and stages of pregnancy.


The most common shape is the C-Shape and Wedge that can be used to aid mothers in breastfeeding and can be alternated as a back pillow for resting. The Straight tube is a flexible pillow that can be placed between the legs and folded to double or triple to support the entire body including neck and back. The U-Shape is a larger wider version of the C-Shape pillow that can be used while sleeping, being able to rest your belly and legs between the soft support and foam easing any muscle or joint pains when trying to sleep.


The material used to create these pillows varies according to your personal preferences and needs. There are woollen and polyester filled pillows that are super soft, airy and flexible while also providing heat to the body. The microbeads and styrofoam balls filled pillows are cooler and take on the exact shape of your body that feels like a second skin. The natural filling pillows are traditional and feel the same as regular sleeping pillows for women who prefer that feeling and texture.

Easy To Clean

These pillows are machine-washable, with stain-resistant material and the fabric is breathable making it easy to remove any spills or stains.

Price List

Model Price
Knee Leg Pillow | Relieves Leg & Back Pain Rs. 2,499
Full Body Support Comfortable U- Shaped Pregnancy… Rs. 3,520
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