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Among the many items Prada produces, the brand also has a diverse variety of sunglasses with many different styles and colours. With options for men and women both. The price of Prada sunglasses, like all their other products, is high.



An Italian luxury fashion house started by Mario Prada in 1913. Mario did not want the female family members to have a hand in the business, but ironically after his passing his daughter, Luisa Prada, ran it for almost 20 years as his son had no interest in it. After his daughter, Miuccia Prada his granddaughter took over and it was during her tenure that the brand really grew; with the help of Patrizio Bertelli at her side as a business advisor.

Miuccia Prada is also the brain behind another hit brand, MiuMiu. The Prada house also owns famed shoemakers Church's and Car Shoe.

As a brand Prada is known for keeping the traditional Italian feel and keen attention to details and new trends. The Prada ideals are infused into their sunglasses too. 

Prada Sunglasses

Like many other brands, Prada has given EssilorLuxottica the licence to produce their sunglasses.

The Prada range has many different variations in style. With all the classic looks inspired by Aviators and Wayfarers, to the modern more straight-lined designs. There are also many shapes such as hexagons that are part of their collection. Certain models have part of the lenses nipped to add a small accent to one's style. The collection also has many retro-feel sunglasses for women.

The materials used are high-grade plastics and metals. The quality of the materials and lenses is top-notch, as would be expected from a luxury brand.


Prada sunglasses are from an expensive price point. Cared for, they would last a long time.

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