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Portable AC Price in Pakistan

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In a country as hot as Pakistan having an AC is a blessing. The rooms need ventilation in the heat and overpowering humidity. Generally installing ACs can be a hassle with the piping and outside unit. Portable ACs are a new step towards convenience! Smaller in size and easy to install, some units do not even require installation which makes it very convenient compared to window or wall units. Models also have self-contained water evaporation systems so there is no need for a pipe to be dripping continuously or disposal of the water that collects. With some there is a single pipe that is used as an exhaust for warm air, the slight issue being that this same pipe also gives off heat, people insulate it to avoid it heating the room as the AC cools it!

Although locally only a few brands are available that are true portable ACs, a lot of them are actually air-coolers based on using water to cool air and not a compressor. Some have limitations with the lowest temperature but at the same time are energy efficient so the electric bill will not be insane amounts! Close-Comfort is one such make that can also operate on a UPS which is great given the power outages in summer.

These portable units also fall in a different price range, generally being cheaper than window and wall units. Which can be a big plus considering the overall costs of buying, installation, maintenance and electricity consumption.