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A product that helps one grip their smartphone or tablet a lot easier. Pop sockets help not let your smartphone slip and smack you in the face when you are lying down or drop it while you are walking around using it. Pop sockets are available in a lot of colours and with many different designs on the circular top. The price of this product is in the affordable ranges.


Pop Socket

How many times has one dropped their smartphone, sometimes onto their face even while lying down and using it. A pop socket can help one avoid this. Designed by David Barnette, a pop socket is an accessory that sticks to the back of your smartphone. It is generally flush with the body due to its accordion-like structure; once extended you can put your index and middle finger around it to hold your smartphone with a lot more ease. David Barnette's original brand is called PopSockets, but today a lot of no-name brands copy his product.

One can find pop sockets in a vast array of colours, with many different designs on the top. This can include comic characters, patterns, fashion brand logos and anything else one can think of which can be printed as a sticker.


Pop sockets are considered a hate-it-or-love-it item, similar to the fidget spinner, though it does have a lot more functional use in comparison.

This smartphone or tablet grip aid is available for nominal rates, the original PopSockets brand ones costing substantially more in comparison.

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