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Pool table kit comes with two pool cues, 16 balls, chalk and a triangle. The more advanced the kit the more accessories and improvements in design.


Game & Sport

Pool is a recognised sport with worldwide championships and professional athletic status. The game requires strategy, maths, physics and great hand to eye coordination. All these great features are the reason Pool Tables are available for kids. The toy Pool Table is a great investment in helping your child build these skills from a young age. 

Kiddie Pool Tables

The smaller and portable pool tables for kids as young as 2 years old have no sharp edges and are meant to encourage fine motor skills such as gripping the stick and shooting the ball into the catch hoops. The simple design still has the same green cloth covering the centre that feels soft to touch with the traditional frame. The game is for two-player but can be played among a group of toddlers. Encouraging virtues such as patience and fair gameplay, a pool table can be a great way to join kids during playtime. 

The more durable and sturdy pool tables will have the high-density fibreboard to keep it from tipping over or breaking under the weight of the child. The professional detailing is accurate and there are adjustable levers to help you set the table at the height of your child. Pool tables are easy to store as the kiddie designed is foldable and lightweight.  It is made from environmentally friendly materials along with strong iron to create the frame ensuring that it will last for many years. 

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