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The Lowest price of Polo Perfume in Pakistan is Rs.9,215 and estimated average price is Rs.15,444.


Polo is a world-famous brand, instantly recognizable by its logo depicting a polo player. It is the flagship of Ralph Lauren and has been around for decades. The fragrance range from them is diverse with options for men and women, many of which are successes in the market. The price of Polo perfumes and fragrances is in the mid-ranges.


Polo by Ralph Lauren

Established in 1967 as The Ralph Lauren Corporation. In 1972 the famed polo player logo was used on their shirts polo shirts. It was designed by the tennis star, Rene Lacoste. Not long after Polo by Ralph Lauren became one of the most recognisable fashion brands in the world, with Ralf Lauren himself becoming a billionaire.

The Polo perfumes and colognes

In 1978 Polo partnered with L'oreal and introduced fragrances, with the men's classic called Polo and a women's classic called Lauren. The next two Chaps for Men and Tuxedo for Women were launched in 1979 and again were hits. Over the years the brand has had many successful perfumes and colognes.

Some of the most known colognes for men by Polo include Polo Blue, Polo Red, Polo Black and Polo Red Intense. The original Polo from 1978 is still a chart-topper, it has maintained through the decades. Polo Deep Blue for men is also another hit. The scent range varies, there are some that are sporty and fresh while others have leathery, musky accords. 

In the perfume segment too Polo has many hits. These include Ralph, Romance by Ralph Lauren, Polo Big Pony 2 By Ralph Lauren, Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren and Blue by Ralph Lauren. The female fragrances have a lot of flowery, fruity notes and a fresh feel to them.


Polo perfumes and colognes are known for their strong scents. They have a staying power which is due to the quality of ingredients that are used by the brand. The price of the Polo range is in the mid-ranges, with some fragrances that are slightly more expensive. Still, compared to many of the other top brands Polo rides alongside, their scents are just a tad more affordable.

Price List

Model Price
Ralph Lauren Polo Black Men Edt 125Ml Rs. 16,199
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Edt 125Ml Rs. 13,500
Ralph Lauren- Polo Red Rush Men EDT 125ml Rs. 13,600
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Deep Blue Edp 125Ml Rs. 12,333
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Deep Blue Edp 75Ml Rs. 10,066
Ralph Lauren Polo Red Edp 125Ml Rs. 12,000
Polo Black Perfume 100ml Rs. 14,400
Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum 125ml Rs. 13,999
Ralph Lauren Polo Red EDT Perfume For Men 125 ml Rs. 11,000
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