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Lights commonly seen on police cars that are red and blue are known as police lights. These are in case the police needs to let their presence be known or if they need to drive faster through traffic. One can purchase these lights otherwise as well for installation. They are available for lower-end prices.


Police Lights

The term police lights applies loosely to any lighting system that has one side that is red lights and the other that is blue lights. This is due to them being common on police cars all over the world. There used to be other forms of lights used but today most of them are LED-based systems, this is due to the efficiency and clarity of LED lights.

Police lights are used by the police as a way to warn people or in case the police need to drive fast, these lights flash in a mix of sequences that flit between the red and blue. They are turned on along with their siren, so the police is not just seen but also heard through the traffic. 

Many different brands produce police lights, most are no-name or unknown brands. The shape and size also vary just as much, one can find a light with a few LED bulbs or a lot of them. There are some that use larger bulbs while others use smaller ones to make up a large panel.


It is illegal for a car that is not an official police car to have police lights, although some people still instal them.

Please note that flashing lights can cause an epilepsy attack if one has epilepsy.

The price of police lights varies based on their size and make. Generally, the prices are in the lower ranges.

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