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The Lowest price of Plug Socket in Pakistan is Rs.55 and estimated average price is Rs.991.


A broad term that is mostly used for adapters which can increase the number of sockets one can make use of. One wall socket may not be enough, adding on a plug socket could let you connect two, three or more devices to that one socket alone. The price of a plug socket depends on its type, some are cheap while the higher quality ones with more sockets are more expensive by comparison.


Plug Socket

A term that has a broad application, plug sockets include the multiplug shoe used to increase the number of plugs one can insert into a socket, it also includes various industrial plugs and is used for other kinds of adapters.

Generally, the main reference is to the plug socket that increases the number of connections, making it convenient if the wall only has one socket. You will be able to connect a lot more devices and also if the plugs are from different regions you may be able to use a plug not native to the area you are in.


The price of plug sockets is not high, some travel adapters that have multiplug abilities may be a little more costly in comparison.

Industrial kinds of plug sockets can cost a lot more.

Price List

Model Price
【Special Offer】KINGSO Edison Chandelier E27 110-2… Rs. 1,928
Universal Multi Travel Adapter Converter US AU UK… Rs. 159
Universal Multi Travel Adaptor 3 in 1 US UK AU to… Rs. 274
2 Pcs Universal Multi Travel Adapter Converter US… Rs. 309
Travel Adapter International Plug Charging Dual U… Rs. 1,595
Electric Plug Power Socket Adapter International … Rs. 624
Universal Multi Travel Adapter Converter US AU UK… Rs. 459
child safety lock for electric switch High Qualit… Rs. 249
KINGSO Edison Chandelier E27 110-240V Socket Adap… Rs. 1,904
Universal Multi Travel Adapter Converter US AU UK… Rs. 309
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