Platinum Ring Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Platinum Ring in Pakistan is Rs.630 and estimated average price is Rs.1,061.


Just as other precious metals are used to make jewellery, so is platinum. All kinds of accessories are made form it, including rings. One can find a lot of designs to pick from. The price of a platinum ring is high.



Platinum is a precious metal that is more rare than gold and also mined much less. The name is derived from 'platino', Spanish for little silver. Platinum is dense, malleable, ductile and highly unreactive. It is a heavy metal and exposure to its salts can lead to health problems, metallic platinum, on the other hand, has not been linked to health issues.

Platinum Ring

One can find all kinds of jewellery in platinum, including rings. A platinum ring can have any number of designs, but given its cost, it is mostly found to be shaped into modern and high-end designs. There are many platinum rings that have stones set in them, these could be any stones that the designer or wearer chooses. Given the endless number of designs in rings, it is all based on what the customer is looking for.


Platinum rings cost a lot, it is more expensive than gold and white gold. The price depends on the quality of the platinum used in the ring and also how much of it was used to make the specific ring. 

Price List

Model Price
SWE Gold multi color Platinum plating Fashion Rin… Rs. 1,000
Fashion SS Wedding Engagement Collection Platinum… Rs. 1,030
Fashion SS Wedding Engagement Collection Platinum… Rs. 910
Double Heart Shape white zircon crystal 18k plati… Rs. 999
Luxurify Fashion Couple Rings. Platinum Plated 92… Rs. 1,595
White Gold Plated Platinum Diamond Ring, Rings fo… Rs. 799
Platinum Plated Ring For Men Rs. 999
Red Zircon 18K Platinum Plated Ring for Men - R… Rs. 999
Platinum Plating Pink Yellow White Heart Shape Zi… Rs. 630
Two Sided white zircon crystal 18k platinum plate… Rs. 999
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