Pioneer Speaker Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Pioneer Speaker in Pakistan is Rs.2,650 and estimated average price is Rs.13,902.


Pioneer speakers are the go-to for many car audio enthusiasts. Their home speakers are also top quality products and are liked by audiophiles as well. The quality of Pioneer products is great and the prices are high generally, with some products that are in affordable ranges.


Pioneer Corporation

Based in Japan, Pioneer started as a radio and speaker repair shop. In its later years, it has been one of the creators of many of the technologies that have been a commercial success. This includes things such as the CD players, DVDs and OLED displays.

The largest shareholder of Pioneer is the Sharp Corporation and the second largest is the Honda Motor Co.

Pioneer speakers

The speaker range at Pioneer is known for its car audio. It makes the speakers, amps, digital media receivers and also subwoofers for this segment. Its care speaker rage has a lot of various sizes and power ratings, one can find a lot of options and this side of their speakers is more affordable than the home speakers.

The home speaker systems are also top shelf, they produce amplifiers for this use as well. Some of the models also feature Dolby Atmos for a more immersive sonic environment; this is very useful for movies and some music too. The shapes and sizes of these speakers vary from floor standing towers to bookshelf speakers.

Some variants are powered as well so they do not need an amplifier to work. 


The quality of Pioneer audio is very good, the sound produced by their speakers is crisp. The performance is legendary in all the categories they are featured in.

The price of Pioneer products is high mostly, with a few that are in an affordable range. The more affordable items include car speakers.

Price List

Model Price
Pioneer TS-7150 Champion Series 5 Way Speaker 500W Rs. 18,450
Pioneer TS-6990S 6x9" Speakers 4 Way 700w Max Rs. 15,500
Pioneer 6.5 inch 2 Way Speakers - TS-F1634R | Un… Rs. 8,000
Pioneer 300W 2 Way Coaxial Speaker - TS-G1620F Rs. 7,500
PIONEER 6" 4 Way 350W Coaxial Speaker China - TS-… Rs. 5,300
Pioneer TS-A6975S 6 x 9 3 Way Coaxial Car Speaker Rs. 4,650
Pioneer TS-R1651S 6.5" 3-Way Coaxial Speakers - B… Rs. 7,900
Pioneer TS-6975V3 Champion Series 3 Way Speaker 5… Rs. 32,900
Pioneer TS-A6966S 6 Inch X 9 Inch 3-Way Speaker Rs. 13,500
Pioneer TS-6965V3 Champion Series 3 Way Speaker 4… Rs. 16,150
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