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The Lowest price of Pigeon Teether in Pakistan is Rs.452 and estimated average price is Rs.764.


The Pigeon Teethers are chew toys for babies, helping them to soothe their discomfort from their teeth growing out. This process can be very annoying and trying for a child, with the Pigeon Teethers babies can take out their frustration.


Babies who have their first set of teeth growing face a lot of discomfort in the gums, many turn to chewing on toys or other things to soothe themselves. One can get Pigeon Teether to help their baby with this.

Pigeon Teethers are made from a kind of silicone so the baby can easily chew into them. This will help stimulate and train the periodontal ligaments which are the sensors for hardness and texture in the mouth.

The teethers from Pigeon are made from higher quality materials that are BPA-free as well. These chew toys can be cleaned with the various chemical-free detergents that are made for babies.

The specific time varies for when a teether should be introduced to a baby as the timing is a bit different for when the baby teeth start coming out.

Price List

Model Price
Pigeon Pigeon Training Teether 7m+ Step2 n667 Rs. 925
Paul Mitchell Pigeon Fruit Teether 3m+ n648 Rs. 452
Pigeon Pacifier (M) Unisex – Elephant Rs. 695
Pigeon Pacifier (L) Unisex – Giraffe Rs. 695
Pigeon Pacifier (L) Girl – Ice Cream Rs. 695
Pigeon Minilight Pacifier (L) Girl Pk-2 Rs. 1,195
Pigeon Minilight Pacifier (L) Boy - Ship Rs. 695
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