Pigeon Breast Pump Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Pigeon Breast Pump in Pakistan is Rs.819 and estimated average price is Rs.12,231.


The Pigeon Breast Pump can be used by mothers to pump and store milk that can be fed to their babies. This is often used by women who work or even when travelling.


Pigeon Breast Pumps come in manual and electric, one can get the kind that suits them or fits their budget.

The designs are ergonomic, making sure the breast cup is comfortable and seals well enough so the pumping action works well. There are also two modes, the simulation mode and then the expression mode.

Simulation massages to get the internal organ stimulated and then the expression mode initiates flow. The electronic one also has different suction levels so one can choose what is comfortable for them. The parts can be sterilized so everything is clean.

Mothers use breast pumps to store milk in case they are not around or are busy, the baby will have their needed feed. For some who overproduce, the Pigeon Breast Pump can also help relieve the pain caused by this.

The Pigeon Breast Pumps are compact in size so they are easy to carry in case one is on the go.

Price List

Model Price
Pigeon Breast Pump Manual Rs. 6,030
Pigeon Go Mini Single Electric Breast Pump Rs. 22,195
Pigeon Pigeon Breast Care Pump q691 Rs. 819
Pigeon Breast Pump Plastic Made Rs. 1,395
PIGEON Breast Pump Electrical Rs. 15,000
Pigeon Breast Pump Electrical Rs. 17,330
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