Philips Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Philips Hair Dryer in Pakistan is Rs.1,800 and estimated average price is Rs.6,165.


One of the largest Dutch multinational conglomerates in the world, Phillips manufactures high-quality hairdryers, curling irons and straighteners and is counted amongst the best in the business. Philips hairdryers are robust and are extremely popular in Pakistan. You can find a multitude of Philips hair dryers, curlers and straighteners on the internet with varying prices in Pakistan.



Philips hair dryer price in Pakistan varies depending on the size and quality. The high-powered hair dryers are priced competitively and fall in the upper-midrange category. Professional level Philips hair dryers are amongst the most expensive products. 

Design & Diffuser

Hairdryers by Philips feature ceramic diffusers and some of them are even foldable for easy and compact storage while travelling. The product is lightweight and sleek that gives and easy to hold grip, making it super quick and easy to dry or style your hair. The cords on these dryers are conveniently long that makes rotating and handling the gadget easy. It also allows the dryer to go all the way around vertically or horizontally. The heat adjustment option lets you choose the best temperature that suits your hair.

Best Philips Hair Dryer in Pakistan

The best model depends on your needs and budget but the Philips BHC111/03, HP8230/00 - Thermo Protect Hairdryer and Philips DryCare Advanced Hair Dryer (HP8232/00) are known to be the most sought after. 

Philips Hair Dryer Sale

Like other electronics by the manufacturer, Philips hair dryers routinely go on sale and are sold at discounted rates by a multitude of online sellers in Pakistan. With a little research, you can also find the best price for Philips hair dryers in Pakistan and can also buy them on sale online.

Price List

Model Price
Philips Hair Dryer, 2100W, BHD-340 Rs. 8,400
Philips Hair Dryer BHC010 Rs. 5,050
Philips Hair Dryer BHC015 Rs. 5,050
Philips Hair Dryer HP8108 Rs. 4,250
Philips EssentialCare Hair Dryer (BHC015/00) Rs. 5,600
Philips BHD169/00 Hairdryer Rs. 7,299
Philips Hair Dryer (BHD004/00) Rs. 6,399
Philips Thermo Protect Hair Dryer By Mehran Elect… Rs. 4,000
Philips EssentialCare Hair Dryer (BHC010/10) Rs. 4,299
Philips Hairdryer HP8108/00 Rs. 5,500
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