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The Lowest price of Ph Meter in Pakistan is Rs.15,400 and estimated average price is Rs.20,200.


A device that lets you know what the acidic level of a water-based solution is. There are also variants that let you check the pH of semi-solids. The price of a pH meter varies depending on what specific kind it is and the brand. Prices can range from the lower to the top end.


pH Meter

A scientific instrument that is designed to tell how alkaline or acidic a water-based solution is. A pH meter is used in a lot of different applications. Measurement is done by checking the difference in 'electrical potential' between a pH electrode and a reference electrode. The difference relates to the acidity of the solution.

There various kinds of pH meters depending on the portability or area of use. Some have battery power, while others such as the ones used in labs may need line-power. 

Uses of a pH meter

The level of acidity of a solution lets us know the rate and also the outcome of chemical reactions taking place, which is why it is important to know the pH of said solution. This information can be critical in various situations, including chemical reactions in a lab, to check the quality of water, the quality of soil for agriculture, blood chemistry and many other such things.

There have been advancements in instruments allowing for more things to be assessed for their pH value. Miniaturised pH meters can detect the pH of living cells and other versions allow for the pH of semi-solids such as foods to be checked as well.


One needs to keep the calibration of their pH meter in check so the readings are clear. The instruction manual will let you know what steps are important to keep your meter in prime condition. This could involve how to clean the specific meter or how to calibrate it.

The German Institute of Standardization publishes standard for pH meters and measurements; giving one a guide to refer to.


One can check which pH meter they should buy based on the specific area of use. The prices vary based on the designs and brand, one can purchase something for a lower-end price or a high price for more advanced pH meters.

Price List

Model Price
Lutron PH-207 PH MV Temperature Meter Rs. 25,000
Lutron PH-206 PH MV Temperature Meter Rs. 15,400
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