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PEL Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan

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PEL is an abbreviation for Pak Elektron Limited established in 1956. They have been manufacturing transformers, switchgear and electric motors. In 1987 the production of refrigerators and deep freezers and during the 70s PEL gained popularity in the overseas markets exporting home appliances to countries like Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Their electrical equipment is now exported to the Middle East, Far East and Africa with great success.

The PEL deep freezers are locally designed, manufactured and distributed making them the most affordable choice in the Pakistani market. Arctic Crystal was introduced as the first-ever glass top design making it a stylish addition to your kitchen. PEL is known for enhancing home appliance designs with glass covers and vibrant colours.  

The foaming thickness of the deep freezer is essential in ensuring cooling temperatures, the PEL deep freezer can keep food frozen for over 100 hours without power. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is known as ABS, it is a thermoplastic polymer plastic that responds well to heat keeping food safe and protected. It is considered a food-friendly plastic.

The thermostat system has multiple modes to choose from depending on your individual daily needs. It has an energy-efficient cooling mode option that ensures you are not wasting power and adjusts the cooling system according to the food storage. This can bring down your electricity bill exponentially over time. The PEL deep freezer has a 70 mm insulation thickness guaranteeing a powerful cooling retention capacity. A high-quality copper condenser is placed inside can lower temperatures to minus 33 creating a rapid cooling system can make ice in 25 minutes. The rubber outlining the opening door and the compartment box together create an airtight seal that maintains cooling temperatures for long durations. This seal is called the anti-fungal door gasket, it prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the deep freezer. This seal is adjustable making it easier to clean over time. With regular cleaning, the gasket will be free of any micro-organisms virus or bacteria build-up.

The PEL deep freezers come with high-quality durable wheels making them easy to transport and move around the kitchen. PEL has approximately one thousand outlets and an after-sales service network with over 100 workshops. A 10-year warranty that ensures easy maintenance and durability.