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The Lowest price of Paprika Powder in Pakistan is Rs.88 and estimated average price is Rs.207.


A spice made from chillies that is used in various cuisines around the world, sometimes also used as a spicy garnish added to dishes for the heat. The price of paprika powder is generally affordable.


Paprika powder is traditionally made from Capsicum annuum originating from North America. Over time paprika powder has spread as did the plant, today a lot of countries produce it but most still have some sweetness to the plant. Paprika powder is added to food for spice or colours.

Often it is used in marinade, spice blends, rubs, sauces and stews. People also add it to things like hummus or in the mix for sausages for spiciness as well.

In the sense of spice, paprika powder can range from mild to hot; the hotter varieties have more of the seed. The red colour comes from carotenoids. Paprika powder from different countries generally has a variation in flavour as over time the plants change as well.

It is available for a relatively nominal price, making it affordable to use to add flavour to your foods.

Price List

Model Price
Rossmorr Paprika Powder 25g Rs. 88
Falak Paprika Powder, 85g Rs. 300
Italiano Paprika Powder, 85g Rs. 269
Rossmoor Paprika Powder 25GM Rs. 90
ITALIA Paprika Powder Jar 75 gm Rs. 362
Paprika Powder 100g Rs. 149
ITALIA Paprika Powder 25 gm Box Rs. 132
Vatani Spices Paprika (Kashmiri Mirch Powder) -14… Rs. 400
Paprika Powder 50g Rs. 89
Paprika Powder - 100 Grams Rs. 171
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