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Paper shredders are used to chop up paper into small pieces. This is done to keep sensitive information safe, disposing of such documents in the trash is a vulnerability that has been misused many times in history. The price of a paper shredder depends on the size it is and how many documents it can shred in a certain time space.


Paper Shredder

A device that is used to cut up paper into smaller parts so it is illegible. Paper shredders have various types, with some cutting up the paper into thin strips as long as the paper and others that do multiple cuts turning the paper into particles. Paper shredders are used by security agencies, governments and other organizations that need to properly dispose of sensitive documents.

There are a few different standards that cover the security levels regarding the size of the cut-up paper. This is to help organizations know what level would be required for their information. Different countries and governments have their own standards. To simplify the levels, the higher the risk of the information being misused the smaller the resulting particles need to be.

Paper shredders have also been used to destroy evidence in certain cases, which is considered illegal. 

Variations of the paper shredder

The size of a paper shredder can vary depending on what the organizational needs are. There are smaller sized ones that fit in the corner of a room to versions that are the size of a car that can shred millions of papers in an hour. There are also USB powered desktop shredders.

Originally these were powered with a hand crank, with the electronic motor being used the process became a lot faster. One can find the manual versions today too. 


Paper shredders come with safety features such as the ability to reject papers so it doesn't get jammed. Certain models also have the ability to cut up corrugated cardboard sheets. 

The price of a paper shredder depends on the size it is and how many documents it can eat up fast. The smaller sized ones are from the lower to mid ranges in Pakistan.

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