Panther Tyres Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Panther Tyres in Pakistan is Rs.449 and estimated average price is Rs.1,474.


A local tyre production brand, Panther Tyres has a full range for different kinds of vehicles. The variations in tyres allow for optimisation of one's vehicle in relation to the terrain. The prices of Pather's tyres are relatively nominal.


Panther Tyres Limited

Founded in 1938 with the aim to provide better quality tyres that are produced locally. Panther Tyres is one of the largest local manufacturers today. Pricing their products in a competitive manner to make them more widely accessible. It is the leader in motorcycle tyres, for both OEM and the replacement market. Panther Tyres have been supplying the three main motorcycle manufacturers, Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha for over two decades. The brand has won awards and accreditations that allowed them to expand into multiple markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Panther Tyre range

Keeping in mind the needs of the larger segments, Panther Tyre produces a variety based on that. With tyres that are for smaller vehicles, such as rickshaws and motorcycles. Tyres that are for agricultural machines such as tractors and tyres for industrial level earthmovers. Also, tyres that are for LTV and HTV vehicles.

The different segments have variations within them, the tread of the tires and the rubber has options. Different treads affect how the vehicle handles and the correct one is needed depending on the terrain one shall be driving or riding on.

The prices are generally competitive making their quality product accessible to more. The prices vary depending on the exact tyre in question. Panther Tyre Limited also produces inner tubes, along with lubricants and some auto spare parts.

Price List

Model Price
Panther Rear Tyre Tube for motorcycle 70cc 6 PR w… Rs. 2,499
Panther brand tube 300-17 for honda 125cc Rear ty… Rs. 449
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