Pantene Shampoo Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Pantene Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs.275 and estimated average price is Rs.547.


The Pentene shampoo is considered an intensive hair treatment for frizzy, damaged and weak hair. The cleansing agents used easily bring back hair to a shiny and smooth texture that removes all pollutants and dirt from the scalp while moisturizing the hair from root to tip.


Types of Pantene Shampoo

The Deep Black, Smooth and Strong, Moisture Renewal and Milky Extra Treatment are available in 200ml, 400ml and 700ml bottles with easy clip heads to pour out the shampoo. The series each focuses on providing relief from hair loss, dull colour, rough texture and weak roots. The 14 day Pantene shampoo challenges claim that hair will become strong and thicker with the frequent usage of their products.

This has been seen as an advertising campaign more than fact as users are advised to not wash their hair daily as that can be worse for the scalp health and hair texture. The ideal frequency of washing hair is once in three days. Hair is given an Intensive Nourishing formula that locks in the moisture for 24 hours making hair feel soft and manageable. Split ends are a common problem with long hair as the ends are thinner than the rest of the hair. It is advised to follow up shampoo wash with a conditioner to achieve the best results. 

Price List

Model Price
Keune Tinta Hair Color Limited Edition, 6.28 Darkā€¦ Rs. 865
Pantene 2in1 Smooth & Strong 360ml Rs. 512
Pantene Shampoo 360ml Anti Hair Fall Rs. 501
Pantene 2in1 Smooth & Strong 360ml Rs. 499
Pantene Anti Frizz Shampoo 360ml Rs. 404
Pantene 2in1 Black 360ml Rs. 512
Pantene Smooth & Strong Shampoo, 650 ml Rs. 774
Pantene Milky Extra Treatment Shampoo, 650 ml Rs. 616
Pantene Milky Extra Treatment Shampoo, 360 ml Rs. 430
Pantene Shampoo 185ml Milky Extra Treatment Rs. 275
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