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Pant Coat Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Pant Coat in Pakistan is Rs.5,018 and estimated average price is Rs.7,219.


A pant coat is worn for a more formal occasion or at work. The prices vary a lot depending on the brand and quality of the fabric. The price can be all the way from the bottom to the top of the spectrum.


The pant coat

A suit is colloquially known as pant coat in Pakistan. Available in many different designs, fabrics and colours. Pant coats are worn for more formal occasions or at the office. The fitting in modern times is more snug, with the shoulders of the coat being a defining factor is how well it fits. Many different designers make pant coats in Pakistan, each giving it a hint of their own style flavour.

Due to the fact that there are many designers making pant coats the prices vary a lot. The variation is based on the quality of fabric and the brand that made the pant coat in question. The price range is wide, starting from the lower end all the way to the top end.

Price List

Model Price
Boy's Maroon Coat Pant - EBTCPC19-4410 Rs. 6,968
Boy's Golden Black Coat Pant - EBTCPC20-4425 Rs. 6,675
Boy's Navy Blue Coat Pant - EBTCPC19-4435 Rs. 7,200
Boy's Grey Coat Pant - EBTCPC20-4441 Rs. 7,275
Boy's Brown Black Coat Pant - EBTCPC19-4428 Rs. 6,075
Men's Black Coat Pant - EMTCPC19-6703 Rs. 6,990
Boy's Black Coat Pant - EBTCPC19-4423 Rs. 7,793
Men's Black Coat Pant - EMTCPC21-6704 Rs. 6,990
Boy's Dark Teal Coat Pant - EBTCPC21-4450 Rs. 7,275
Boy's Navy Blue Coat Pant - EBTCPC20-4447 Rs. 7,425
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