Panasonic Rice Cooker Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Panasonic Rice Cooker in Pakistan is Rs.7,999 and estimated average price is Rs.19,169.


A very convenient appliance if you make white rice regularly. The Panasonic Rice Cookers can prepare rice without any hassle and get them right each time.


Panasonic has a lot of appliances and also has rice cookers one can get for their kitchen.

A Panasonic Rice Cooker would make it super easy to get your white rice ready. There are markers on the inside that let you know how much water should be added to the quantity of rice you want to cook.

The measuring cup can be used for ease. The Panasonic Rice Cookers are easy to use, with just one button. Once you have put the rice and water in, you cover the cooker and push a button. When the rice is done the cooker shall turn off itself.

Cooking rice in the Panasonic Rice Cooker is convenient because it does not need to be monitored. You could prepare your other food items while the rice cooks on its own. There is a keep warm function as well, once the rice is done cooking the cooker switches to this automatically for 5 hours.

Price List

Model Price
Panasonic SR-GA321 3.2Ltr Conventional Rice Cooker Rs. 23,999
Panasonic Rice Cooker (SR-W22GS) Rs. 11,250
Panasonic Rice Cooker (SR-GA421) Rs. 27,599
Panasonic SR-W22GS Rice 2.2 Ltr Cooker/Steamer Rs. 24,999
Panasonic Rice Cooker (SR-W18G) Rs. 7,999
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