Palmolive Soap Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Palmolive Soap in Pakistan is Rs.57 and estimated average price is Rs.162.


One of the well-known soaps available locally, Palmolive Sopa has different versions so one can choose something that suits their skin and also a scent they like. The price is nominal, making it affordable to a larger consumer base.


Palmolive Soap

An American brand of soap, owned by the Colgate-Palmolive conglomerate. The original soap was formulated in 1898; the formula included palm and olive oil, therefore, the name.

Today the Palmolive Soap has a few variants, in scent, strength and specific ingredients.

The different versions include Nourishing Sensation that has extracts from milk and rose petals. The Flawless Clean version has active charcoal, for extra dirt extraction power. Refreshing Moisture has citrus extracts and cream, for a softer and more smooth finish. The Balanced & Mild Palmolive Soap has chamomile extracts along with vitamin E.

The scents of the different Palmolive Sopas varies a bit, but mostly the scents would fall in a sweet olfactory category.

Palmolive Soap is available for for a nominal price in Pakistan, making it accessible.

Price List

Model Price
Palmolive Naturals Refreshing Glow Soap, Citrus +… Rs. 97
Palmolive Naturals Glow Soap, 3-In-One Pack, 3X14… Rs. 304
Palmolive Naturals Flawless Glow Soap, With Charc… Rs. 108
Palmolive Naturals Moisturizing Glow Soap, Chamom… Rs. 108
Palmolive Naturals Hydrating Glow Soap, Aloe Vera… Rs. 108
Palmolive Naturals Refreshing Glow Soap, 3-In-1 P… Rs. 244
Palmolive Naturals Flawless Glow Bar Soap 130g Rs. 103
Palmolive Naturals Hydrating Glow Bar Soap 130g Rs. 103
Palmolive Naturals Moisturizing Glow Bar Soap 165g Rs. 125
Palmolive Naturals Refreshing Glow Bar Soap 130g Rs. 103
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