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The Palmer's Moisturizing Night Cream is made with natural cocoa butter, retinol and vitamin E. All these aid in making your skin softer and smoother. This cream is also safe for sensitive skin and is non-comedogenic.


The nighttime skincare routine can be very helpful as the body is recovering while you sleep. Palmer's Moisturizing Night Cream is formulated to nourish your skin so it is close to its best possible state.

This cream contains retinol, vitamin E and natural cocoa butter. retinol helps the skin increase skin production, getting rid of older cells faster. With vitamin E the skin gets protection as this is an antioxidant that reduces free radicals.

Cocoa butter replenishes the moisture in your skin and also creates a barrier that stops the moisture from escaping. These ingredients present in Palmer's Moisturizing Night Cream make sure your skin is supple and refreshed with wrinkles being slowed down as well.

One can apply a bit of Palmer's Moisturizing Night Cream at night before bed, the cream in tie with your body does the work as you sleep. With a non-comedogenic formulation, this cream is also dermatologically tested.

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