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The Lowest price of Pak Fan in Pakistan is Rs.4,409 and estimated average price is Rs.8,647.


A local brand set up before the creation of Pakistan. Providing quality services since then and in the fan market since 1945. Pak Fan produces the wire needed for their fans themselves. They have innovated throughout, building a remote-controlled fan in 1989. With a wide variety of fans in their catalogue today, meeting the needs of most spaces.


A bit about Pak Fan

Another local brand Pak Fans and probably one of the first to ever get into the electronics market as it was started in 1936 by one Mr. Adul Wahid. With an entry into the fan market in 1945, predating the creation of Pakistan. Having been in the market for so long it is not just a leader in the fan market (with a remote-controlled fan in 1989!) but overall one of the top local companies around; having diversified over the years. Pak Fan also produces the components of their fans themselves making it easier to ensure the quality of their product. They set-up an automatic Enameled Wire production Japanese plant in 1981 that is making international quality produce.

A wide variety

With a range that is at par with anyone else in the market that includes pedestal fans, ceiling fans, louver fans, table fans, bracket fans, mist fans and exhaust fans. Housing all kinds of designs for one to pick from so their home or office can have a touch of personal aesthetic and not just devices that are functional. Products with different kinds of looks from plain and simple with more design overlayed or wooden blades to add to your interior in all kinds of settings. Along with this the fans are also designed to save energy which is very important in the world today.

Certifications, awards and social work

Pak Fans is a brand with top certification and since inception has won many awards too. All this has allowed for them to be among the local companies that export their products. Even outside their own realm Pak Fans has done social work for the betterment of society by setting up a hospital in 1990 in Gujrat where they are based.

Price List

Model Price
Pak Fan Standing/Pedestal Fan - Standard Model 24… Rs. 11,450
Pak Fan Box Fan - Copper Winding - 14 Inches Rs. 7,350
Pak Fan Basket Fan - Copper Winding - 14 Inches Rs. 7,350
Pak Fan 24" Bracket Fan Classic Remote Control Pl… Rs. 11,499
Pak Fan 12" Blower Exhaust Plus Rs. 8,197
Pak Fan 16" Table Fan Regular Plus Rs. 9,813
Pak Fan Ceiling Fan 56" Smart Plus Rs. 11,254
Pak Fan Ceiling Fan 56" Vip Plus Rs. 11,048
Pak Fan Ceiling Fan 48" Vip Design Plus Rs. 10,469
Pak Fan 18" Bracket Fan Classic Remote Control Pl… Rs. 11,048
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