Paint Brush Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Paint Brush in Pakistan is Rs.120 and estimated average price is Rs.640.


Paintbrush can simply be described as a hand tool that allows the user to pick up any kind of paint using the brush or bristles placed on one end. The paintbrush has been around for centuries used by artists, creatives and for writing calligraphy in the Islamic arts.


Paint Bruch Set 

Depending on the brand and making of the paint brush the price varies accordingly. There are expensive paintbrushes that have been made by hand using the finest animal hairs as there are cheaper sets that are factory-made with synthetic bristles. The paint brush sets available online are a great gift for a young creative to start exploring working with watercolour, acrylics or oil paint as they are easy to use and replace if damaged. 

House Paint

The larger industrial paint brush is used to finish house walls at home or office as the enamel paint is heavy-duty and requires a dense strong brush to hold the liquid to the wall. These brushes are wide and large so that they can cover large sections of the wall easily. 

Speciality Paint Brushes

Each region of the world has its own version of the paint brush that is according to their own customs, culture and artistic techniques. The Chinese fan paint brush has a unique shape and density of bristles that are idea for the Japanese watercolour technique of painting landscape. Just like the Chinese fan paint brush there are many other versions available online that are meant to create a certain texture or mark on paper or canvas using paint.  

Price List

Model Price
Mix Brush Set – Royal-Art Paint Brush Set RA-2606 Rs. 299
Yinghua Paint Brush Flat 6 pcs/pkt Rs. 189
Extendable Plastic Paint Brush Case Clear Paint B… Rs. 300
Colorlife Watercolor Cake 12 colours with Paint … Rs. 149
3 Pcs Artist Paint Fan Brush Set - Black Rs. 899
5 pcs Artist Paint Fan Brush Set Rs. 399
Acrylic paints color kit set of 12 with 1 brush 1… Rs. 449
Pack Of 6 Paint Brush Round Tip Rs. 125
12pcs Multi shapes Artist Paint Brush Set Rs. 449
12 Pcs Paint Brush Artist Multi Size Set Waterco… Rs. 249
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