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The Lowest price of Oyster Sauce in Pakistan is Rs.125 and estimated average price is Rs.379.


A sauce that is made from slow cooking just oysters, oyster sauce has a heavy umami flavour which is why it is used with many savoury dishes in East Asia. Modern oyster sauces have other ingredients that were not part of the original, this is to pace up the production process. Oyster sauce is available for nominal rates.


Oyster sauce

Sauces rarely have their origin as clearly specified as oyster sauce. It was created accidentally by Lee Kum Sheung in Nanshui, China. Lee ran a tea stall that also sold cooked oysters, one day he forgot he had left the oysters on a simmer and when he finally remembered it had become a thick brownish sauce with a delicious aroma. Lee started selling his new seasoning and it was a hit, this was in 1888. 

Lee founded Lee Kum Kee to promote his sauce and other Chinese sauces as well. The brand exists even today.

The oyster sauce profile

This thick sauce has a mainly savoury flavour, high in umami with a hint of sweetness as well. It is less salty than soy sauce, with which it can be replaced in cooking too.

The original kind is made with only oysters cooked slowly till they disintegrate and the remaining liquid caramelizes. But today there are many ways to pace up the process which are employed by many brands. This includes adding salt, sugar and cornstarch to make it thicker. Part of the reason being that making it the traditional way would cost a lot more.


Oyster sauce adds a lot of savoury flavour to dishes and is used with many vegetables and meats. It is a staple in East and Southeast Asian cuisine.

Today many brands produce oyster sauce and it is available at lower-end prices. In Pakistan, Dipitt Sauces make it locally too.

Price List

Model Price
Dipitt Oyster Sauce - 300gms Rs. 400
Key Brand Oyster Sauce 180GM (HALAL) Rs. 160
Razmin Oyster Sauce, 300ml Rs. 760
Mama Sitas Mama Sitas Oyster Sauce 405g Rs. 579
Mama Sitas Oyster Sauce 405g Rs. 780
Key Brand Oyster Sauce 90 G Rs. 150
Key Oyster Sauce 180gm Rs. 125
Razmin Oyster Sauce 300Ml Rs. 675
Suree Premium Oyster Sauce 150ml Rs. 385
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