Ovaltine Drink Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Ovaltine Drink in Pakistan is Rs.289 and estimated average price is Rs.829.


Ovaltine is a milk flavouring product, it comes in a powdered form and one mixes it in with their milk adding more nutrition to their drink. The flavour is generally chocolate but one can also find others. The price of Ovaltine is in an affordable range.


Originating from Switzerland, Ovaltine is a great way to make your milk tastier, with its chocolate flavour or the malt flavour. There are also vitamins and minerals added to give one nutrition.

It contains calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. The vitamins in it are Vitamin A, C, D and E. One also gets carbohydrates and sugar from it.

Mixing Ovaltine with milk is a lot easier if the milk is warm, with cold milk it takes some more effort. The flavours make it easier for kids to drink milk, especially kids who may not generally like the taste of just milk.

The price of Ovaltine is affordable.

Price List

Model Price
Ovaltine Malted Milk Drink Powder, Jar, 400g Rs. 800
Ovaltine Malted Chocolate Drink Powder, Jar, 400g Rs. 800
Ovaltine Chocolate Nutrition Malt Drink, Chocolat… Rs. 440
Ovaltine Malt Beverage Mix Rs. 990
Ovaltine Malt drink pouch 840gm Rs. 1,331
Ovaltine Ovaltine Malted Drink Chocolate Flavor 8… Rs. 1,155
Ovaltine Ovaltine Malt Chocolate 100g Rs. 289
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