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The Lowest price of Oud Perfume in Pakistan is Rs.99 and estimated average price is Rs.10,821.


There are some iconic perfumes that have created a special place for themselves in every part of the world. One such lovely smelling fragrance is Oud Perfume which today is being manufactured by almost every perfume house in the world.


Oud - The Perfume

It is one of the world's oldest perfumes and also amongst the most expensive too. Derived from the oil of agarwood, Oud is also referred to as "Liquid Gold" for its rarity and premium price. The dark, rich and opaque smell of this perfume may be loved by some while could be too overwhelming for others. It is manufactured for both men and women and with a variety of blends as well. Like Tom Ford's Oud perfume blends agarwood with rosewood oil to create a floral yet musky fragrance. Christian Dior's Oud Ispahan combines Damascus Rose with Agarwood while Dolce & Gabbana's Velvet Desert Oud blends amber with agarwood oil to create a captivating version of the iconic perfume.

Key Notes

Though there are various versions of Oud available, the original Oud perfume is a woody musk with top notes of oud wood, bergamot, rosewood, Chinese pepper and amber. The middle notes consist of cedar, galbanum and angelic root. Base notes are sandalwood and Indian oud.

Original vs Synthetic Versions 

Like with many other expensive perfumes in the world, the Oud also has synthetic versions available. While they may be way less in price, the quality is nothing compared to the naturally manufactured version of the perfume. These synthetic variants lack the balsamic notes, sweetness and warmth of the original formula and disappointingly smell more leathery and woody. 

Price List

Model Price
Ibne Zafar - Our Impression Of Oud Qadim Oriental Fragrance… Rs. 99
Boss Bottled Oud Men Edp 100Ml Rs. 13,599
Agarwood Oud Rs. 1,500
Vince Camuto Oud For Men Edt 100ml Rs. 10,200
Bold Oud Noir Perfumed Body Spray, 120ml Rs. 495
Khadlaj Oud Noir For unisex EDP 100Ml Rs. 5,280
Versace Ladies Perfume Oud Oriental 100ml Rs. 28,500
Aqua Di Parma Oud Perfume Edp For Unisex 100 ml Rs. 37,800
Hugo Boss Bottled Oud Edp For Men 100ml Rs. 15,900
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