Oriflame Toothpaste Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Oriflame Toothpaste in Pakistan is Rs.519 and estimated average price is Rs.641.


An essential part of the oral hygiene routine is toothpaste, one can pick among the options Oriflame has. The range includes one for kids as well. The prices are slightly higher than the regular brands.


Brushing one's teeth is important for oral hygiene, a minimum of twice a day; once before bed and once after waking up. Oriflame toothpaste is one of the many options you can opt for to use with your toothbrush to brush your teeth.

There is an option for kids that is strawberry flavoured to make it a bit milder on the senses. It is for children who are from 2 to 6 years of age. The other options include Maximum Fresh, System 8 Extreme Fresh and Pro White.

Oriflame toothpastes are designed to clean the teeth, protect them from bacteria, plaque build-up and also help with keeping the breath fresh as well. The formulas are biodegradable so the system can easily process them. For fresh breath, one not only has to brush their teeth and gums but also their tongue to the back.

Oriflame also adds humectants to their toothpaste so the moisture levels within the mouth are retained well. There are small particles that help in polishing the teeth to make them cleaner.

The price of Oriflame toothpastes is higher than the usual options.

Price List

Model Price
Oriflame Optifresh Kids Gentle Strawberry Toothpa… Rs. 599
Oriflame Optifresh Pro White Toothpaste 100g Rs. 800
Oriflame Optifresh Maximum Fresh Toothpaste 100ml Rs. 659
Optifresh Kids Strawberry Toothpaste – 31133 Rs. 519
Oriflame-Optifresh System 8 Total Protection Toot… Rs. 599
Optifresh System 8 Total Protection Toothpaste – … Rs. 599
Oriflame Strawberry Toothpaste For Kid's 50ml Rs. 610
Oriflame Optifresh Kids Strawberry Toothpaste 50ML Rs. 690
Oriflame Optifresh System 8 Total Protection Toot… Rs. 850
Oriflame-Optifresh Kids Strawberry Toothpaste, 50… Rs. 519
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