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Oriflame Hair Mask Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Oriflame Hair Mask in Pakistan is Rs.1,539 and estimated average price is Rs.1,764.


Oriflame Hair Mask products will transform damaged, dry and weak hair by repairing and nourishing them with advanced formulas containing natural oils, milk, honey, and fruits.


The soothing and nourishing Oriflame hair mask collections include single-use sachets called Hair Smoothie that is easy to apply and rapidly improve hair texture. The three treatments in this series focus on Revitalising, Replenishing and Nourishing hair from root to tips. Suitable for all hair types as the formula is made from gentle natural ingredients like Avacado, Banana and Mango. We know the body needs to consume plenty of fruits to receive essential vitamins that stimulate the cells to heal and strengthen. Similarly, our hair also requires vitamines to stay soft, healthy and shiny. 

By applying the Oriflame hair mask, the hair receives a generous amount of nourishment that keeps the scalp and hair healthy and strong. The Milk & Honey Gold hair mask is designed to condition the hair with minerals and vitamins. It creates a hydrating protective layer on the hair that seals in the nutrients that restore hair's natural shine & bounce. Shea Butter is a miracle ingredient that softens, shines and detangles the toughest hair textures by infusing them with sugar-rich vitamines. 

Price List

Model Price
Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Hair Mask for Radiant,… Rs. 2,189
Advanced Care Ultimate Repair Nourishing Hair Mas… Rs. 1,649
Oriflame HariX Advanced Care Ultimate Repair Nour… Rs. 1,700
Oriflame HairX Advanced Care Colour Reviver Carin… Rs. 1,850
Oriflame Hairx Advanced Care Colour Reviver Carin… Rs. 1,625
Oriflame Hair Mask Radiant Soft Silky Hair 250 ML Rs. 1,709
Advanced Care Colour Reviver Caring Hair Mask – 3… Rs. 1,539
Oriflame Hairx Advanced Care Colour Reviver Carin… Rs. 1,649
Oriflame Hairx Advanced Care Ultimate Repair Nour… Rs. 1,649
Hair Mask for Radiant, Soft & Silky Hair – 35959 Rs. 2,089
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