Orient Sale Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Orient Sale in Pakistan is Rs.41,999 and estimated average price is Rs.72,422.


Orient is a Pakistani brand that produces many different electronic appliances. The pricing is competitive to begin with, add on a sale value to it the discount can help one save a lot more money.


Orient and their products

A locally developed brand, Orient started in 1957. Over the years it has become one of the largest consumer goods brand in Pakistan. They continuously develop better features and new products at their mini-labs that they have set up all over the country. 

Orient's product range includes ACs, LED TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, water dispensers, washing machines and LED lights. Each product has a few models, some more than others. This way people can choose something that is closet to their liking or budget.

Prices and sales

Orient is known for being competitively priced, this allows for a lot more people to be able to afford good quality locally made products. The brand does have sales on various products as well. These discounts can help one save even more, adding a lot more value to their product range.

Price List

Model Price
Orient Refrigerator Diamond 260 Liters 9 Cubic Fe… Rs. 61,150
Orient Sapphire 350 Liters Refrigerator Rs. 52,900
Orient Inverter Refrigerator Marvel 350 Liters 13… Rs. 75,450
Orient Refrigerator Snow 500 Liters 16 Cubic Feet Rs. 80,500
Orient Refrigerator Crystal 330 Liters 12 Cubic F… Rs. 61,950
Orient Refrigerator Flare 260 Liters 10 Cubic Feet Rs. 61,150
Orient Refrigerator Ice 350 Liters 13 Cubic Feet Rs. 65,300
Orient Refrigerator Ice 280 Liters 11 Cubic Feet Rs. 58,400
Orient Refrigerator Grand 265 Liters 9 Cubic Feet Rs. 50,000
Orient Refrigerator Ice 380 Liters 13.4 Cubic feet Rs. 68,500
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