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The Lowest price of Opa Peas in Pakistan is Rs.145 and estimated average price is Rs.2,426.


Getting Opa Peas is very convenient as they are already peeled, this helps save a lot of time when cooking. Peas are used in a lot of different cuisines and having them on hand can be useful.


Peas are among the most widely used vegetables, from desi food, to Western and also all the various Asian cuisines; peas can be found in all. To make it easy one can get pre-peeled peas such as the Opa Peas.

Having the Opa Peas in your freezer means they are ready for use whenever you need them and you won't have to undertake the peeling process. Peas can be made into a tasty soup, r added to mix vegetables ni desi food. You could have peas with mincemeat or add them to your ramen even.

There are an endless number of recipes that make use of peas and with the Opa Peas packet, you can store them with ease; ready to go when you need peas.

Price List

Model Price
AIR WICK FRESH MATIC Colour of Nature Sweet Pea A… Rs. 700
PACK OF 2 AIR WICK FRESH MATIC Colour of Nature S… Rs. 1,400
Bahar Aie By Surmai Embroidered Lawn Suits Unstit… Rs. 5,651
OPAS YPT114100 4-Position Phase Selector Switch Rs. 6,920
Sweet Pea baby Snuggle Bed Rs. 6,713
OPAS YPT3A2M20 4-Position (O,T,R,S) Ampere Meter Rs. 970
Masalaywala Daal Arhar Pigeon Pea 1000gm Rs. 289
Scented Candle in Glass – Sweet Pea/Orange Rs. 1,990
Charm Infusions Lavender And Sweet Pea (240ml) Rs. 275
OPAS YPT114050 4-Position Phase Selector Switch Rs. 2,600
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