Olpers Milk Powder Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Olpers Milk Powder in Pakistan is Rs.210 and estimated average price is Rs.879.


The Olpers milk powder offers an easy solution to storing a nonperishable source of dairy at home that can be used for whitening black tea and coffee or served to children as a refreshing and energizing drink.


Olpers was established by Engro Foods Ltd in 2006. Olpers treats raw milk with Ultra-high-temperature processing instead of pasteurization. It is also Homogenised & Standardised with 1 litre having 3.5% fat and 8.9%. As Ultra-Heat Treatment (UHT) heats the milk to 280 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of two seconds to kill harmful bacteria.

Long Shelf Life 

The Olpers milk powder shelf life is much longer as the process used to manufacture Olpers milk is high quality with international standards. It can be consumed daily as a source of nourishment for children and adults. It can also be used in making tea and desserts at home. Olpers has been tested by a renowned scientific and technological research organization called Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), ISO-17025 and Intertek approved the Ultra-Heat Treatment (UHT) used by Olpers as safe and pure.

The milk's chemical, biological and physical quality were all given the seal of approval. The results from the laboratory tests approved and passed Olpers as quality milk sources that are safe and healthy for humans. Olpers also has inbuilt testing and quality checks certified with FSSC 22000, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 and ISO 22000 ensuring Engro is an accredited company of high standards managing their manufacturing sites with safety and standards.

Price List

Model Price
Olper's Full Cream Milk Powder, 350g Rs. 630
Olpers Cream - 200 ml Rs. 210
Olper milk 250 ml (28 packs) Rs. 1,750
Olper's Full Cream Milk Powder 390gm Rs. 630
Olper's Full Cream Milk Powder - 950 Gram Rs. 1,350
Olper's Full Cream Milk Powder - 350 Gram Rs. 650
Olpers Olpers Full Cream Milk Powder 390g Rs. 546
Olpers Full Cream Milk Powder 800GM Rs. 1,315
Olpers Full Cream Milk Powder 900 Grams Rs. 830
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