Olive Pomace Oil Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Olive Pomace Oil in Pakistan is Rs.457 and estimated average price is Rs.2,591.


Olive pomace oil is the olive oil that can be cooked with and is widely used for that. It comes from a later process once the olive oil is extracted. The price of olive pomace oil is generally lower than olive oil, making it more affordable for cooking which requires larger quantities.


Olive oil is a healthy choice of oil, it is full of nutrition and antioxidants but it is not ideal to cook in as it cannot stand too much heat. This is where olive pomace oil is the better choice, it is able to stand the heat without losing denaturing the nutrients.

Olive pomace oil is good for health, it helps reduce blood pressure, reduces hypertension and has similar beneficial fat contents that virgin and extra virgin olive oil have. 

Once the initial extraction of olive oil is done, one is left with pomace which undergoes treatment with solvents to get the crude olive pomace oil from it. This crude version is refined to create edible olive pomace oil that can be used to cook in. Compared to other kinds of vegetable oils that are used for cooking, olive pomace oil is a better choice. IT can also be used for baking as it can stand the heat.

You could also use olive pomace oil for deep frying with the high smoke point and also the fact that it does not react with oxygen when heated. This is called high oxidative stability. Deep frying requires a lot of oil, In these quantities, nothing would be healthy per se. 

In comparison, virgin olive oil is better suited to be had as is, by adding it to salads or even just as a supplement by having a few sips daily.

The price of olive pomace oil is relatively affordable, a bit higher than vegetable oils and quite a bit lower than virgin olive oil.

Price List

Model Price
Italia Pomace Olive Oil 4000ml Rs. 4,350
Mundial Olive Pomace Oil 3 Litres Rs. 3,800
Mundial Olive Pomace Oil 1 Litre Tin Rs. 1,625
Mundial Olive Pomace Oil 250ml Bottle Rs. 555
Alba 100% Spanish Pomace Olive Oil, 1 Liter, Bott… Rs. 1,950
Mundial Olive Pomace Oil 500ml Rs. 890
Italia Olive Pomace Oil 1000ml Rs. 1,575
Dalda Pomace Olive Oil 4 Litres Rs. 4,195
Alba 100% Spanish Pomace Olive Oil, 4 Liter, Tin Rs. 5,850
Cavallo Pomace Olive Oil 3ltr Rs. 4,565
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