Oil Filter Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Oil Filter in Pakistan is Rs.3,057 and estimated average price is Rs.5,757.


A filter is essential for engine oil as it helps remove contaminants from the oil. These contaminants can damage the engine parts overtime if the filter is not routinely replaced. Check out oil filter prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Oil Filter Best Brands

Some of the best manufacturers of filter for car engine oil are Guard, VIC, Master Filters, Leppon, ZIX, Paracha, Icon etc. 

The Need

1. It helps filter out contaminants from the engine oil that tend to accumulate with time.

2. It keeps the engine oil clean, ensuring optimum performance and longevity of the car engine parts.

3. It helps prevent the engine oil from getting saturated with debris and hard particles that could possibly damage the engine surfaces.

4. Increases the performance of the vehicle and longevity of the parts. 

5. Experts suggest changing the filter after 3,000 miles for it to work efficiently.

Filter Change

It is essential that you routinely change the filter and engine oil for them to be effective. Not doing so will decrease the performance of the car and a ceased engine overtime. 

Buy oil filter at the best prices in Pakistan for your bike, car or heavy vehicle. We have trusted online sellers from across the country that are committed to providing high-quality products to consumers.

Price List

Model Price
2 Way Heavy Duty Oil Filter Wrench Adjustable 3-L… Rs. 3,057
AMSOIL Oil Filter Harley Davidson Chrome Rs. 6,799
AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Oil Filters EA15K04 Rs. 5,050
AMSOIL Oil Filter Fortuner, Revo, Vigo Rs. 6,500
AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil Filters - EAOM134 - Harley … Rs. 5,050
AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil Filters - EAOM103 - Honda &… Rs. 6,199
AMSOIL Oil Filter - EA15K51 - Fortuner, Revo & Vi… Rs. 5,050
AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Oil Filters EA15K49 - Prado Rs. 5,050
AMSOIL Oil Filter Toyota (Grande, Prius, Vitz & A… Rs. 6,499
AMSOIL Oil Filter Toyota Camry Rs. 6,499
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