Nivea Shaving Gel Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Nivea Shaving Gel in Pakistan is Rs.470 and estimated average price is Rs.1,083.


Nivea shaving gel can make your shaving process a lot smoother and fast. A product that is available for relatively affordable prices and one can get quite a bit of usage out of it.

Pros & Cons


  • Lesser skin damage

  • Quicker shaving time


  • Doesn't suit all kinds of skin


Nivea is known for all kinds of personal care products, including shaving gel.

Shaving gel is designed to reduce the drag and friction of razors against skin as much as possible, this makes for lesser chances of cuts or razor burns. One can get their shave done a lot faster and get a smoother feel too.

One needs only a bit of gel applied to a wet face and then rub it to spread well and get some lather. After this one can shave. The Nivea shaving gel has 0% alcohol so there is no burning, this is great as the skin gets sensitive right after shaving especially since the gel softens the skin to help the shaving process.

Some people may have issues with the Nivea shaving gel, certain skin types are a lot more sensitive or might react a bit for other reasons.


The Nivea shaving gel comes in a pressurised container which is why it should be kept away from direct heat.

For a relatively affordable price, one can get quite a few shaves.

Price List

Model Price
NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Shaving Foam, Aloe Vera … Rs. 800
NIVEA MEN Fresh & Cool Shaving Foam, Mint Extract… Rs. 800
Nivea For Men Cool Kick Shave Gel Rs. 1,200
Nivea men shaving gel (Originals Moisturising) 20… Rs. 1,084
Nivea Sensitive Shaving Gel for Men - Alcohol Free Rs. 1,400
Nivea men shaving gel (Sensitive) 200ml Rs. 1,084
Nivea Nivea Shaving Gel Sensitive 200ml Rs. 1,050
Nivea men shaving gel (cool kick) 200ml Rs. 1,084
Nivea For Men Cool Kick Shave Gel Rs. 890
Nivea Shaving Gel Sensitive 200ml Rs. 1,355
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