Nitro Canada Hair Wax Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Nitro Canada Hair Wax in Pakistan is Rs.247 and estimated average price is Rs.286.


Hair wax is a product used to style one's hair. Nitro Canada is a brand that is produced in China and has a few different variations of hair wax available. Giving one options to choose. The price of this product is in the lower ranges.


Nitro Canada Hair Wax

Nitro Canada is produced in China. A line of hair wax that is used to stylise one's hair. The brand has a few different options. They vary in what added extract they have aside from the hair wax. The extracts include olive oil, snake oil, garlic and coconut. These extra ingredients are good for the hair, improving their health. 

In comparison to gel, generally, hair wax is not as damaging to the hair. The feel and fall are also different with hair wax. Gel is more apt for spiky hairstyles, while wax is the go-to for a more subtle style. Wax can also be used on a more varied length of hair without one's hair looking tacky or badly formed.

The wax look is not as hard set as gel, so it seems more natural. Although, using too much hair wax can be bad as the grease builds up and collects dirt and dust.


Nitro Cana hair wax is available for nominal prices.

Price List

Model Price
Nitro Canada Hair Wax 150 Gm Rs. 270
Hair Wax. Nitro Canada Hair Wax. Rs. 350
Nitro Canada Hair Wax 150 Grams, hair styling gel… Rs. 247
Nitro Canada Hair Wax For Perfect Hair Styling - … Rs. 349
Nitro Canada Hair Wax 150 Gm Rs. 265
Nitro Canada Hair Wax With Olive Oil Extract 150g Rs. 399
Nitro Canada Hair Wax with garlic Rs. 250
Nitro Canada Hair Wax With Olive Oil Extract Rs. 280
RS Online Nitro Canada Hair Wax 150g Rs. 300
Nitro Canada Hair Wax With Coconut Rs. 250
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