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The Lowest price of Nikkah Pen in Pakistan is Rs.700 and estimated average price is Rs.1,132.


Nikkah is a sacred union in Islam and is a major part of Muslim wedding celebrations in Pakistan. The "nikkah nama" is signed by both partners using various types of handmade pens. If you are preparing for your big day and would like a pen with a vintage-inspired design such as peacock feather or ostrich feather, check out nikkah pen prices in Pakistan.


People nowadays prefer extravagantly designed and beautiful looking vintage quill pens for signing their nikkah documents. The most expensive and premium quality types of quill pens were used till the 19th century by leading poets, writers, historians and royal figures. An exquisitely designed and customized pen can instantly add regal sophistication and charm to your nikha ceremony .

It is also a great way to make your nikkah event memorable and the pens can be kept as a souvenir. They can be passed down to generations by gifting to your children when they get married.

Nikkah Pen Set

You can buy individual as well as a set of two pens for both groom and bride. The pens can be plain, feathered, have artificial flowers or be heavily embellished with gemstones and metal accents etc. These pens can also feature the names of the bride and groom.

The quills have been replaced by gel nibs or ball pens and are very easy to write with. Apart from signing the documents, these elegant pens also make for an excellent prop for wedding photoshoots. 

Though you can create these pens at home, buying them is always cheaper and time-saving. Keep visiting this page for exclusive deals and sale offerings on a wide collection of beautifully designed handmade nikkah pens. 

Price List

Model Price
Pack of 2 Wedding Nikah Signature Pen Rs. 1,195
Customized nikah pen as your desire Rs. 950
Nikah pen customized/pair of 2 pens Rs. 1,050
Pen Couple Wedding Nikah Signature Pen flowers so… Rs. 700
Pack of 2 Wedding Nikah Signature Pen Rs. 1,295
Nikah Signature Pen (Couple of Nikah Pen) Rs. 1,200
Pair of Nikah Signature Pen with wooden bride and… Rs. 1,500
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