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The Nikai Hand Blender Stick can help with a lot of tasks in the kitchen, helping you save time. A convenient device that adds much value to your kitchen.


If you make sauces, dips and like to blend your soups the Nikai Hand Blender Stick would be ideal for you.

The stick part that has the blades set into is made from metal, this lets you dip it into a pot with hot soup in it. There are a few different models of the Nikai Hand Blender Sticks and one can choose the one that suits them.

With a design that is easy to use, the Nikai Hand Blender Sticks are great for small containers as well. The blades have a small hood covering them which makes this possible, or otherwise, the ingredients would come flying out.

You could also use the Nikai Hand Blender Stick for whipping eggs, churning butter, making milkshakes and more. There are speeds that one can choose from, this lets you get the right kind of consistency and result you are looking for.

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