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The Lowest price of Fruita Vitals in Pakistan is Rs.48 and estimated average price is Rs.203.


A premium juice range from one of the largest food and beverage brands in the world, Nestle's Fruita Vitals range has multiple choices. There are enough options for everyone to pick something they like. The prices of Nestle Fruita Vitals is competitive.


Nestle Fruita Vitals

A well-known brand, Nestle has many different beverages available. The Nestle Fruita Vitals is a premium range of juices. The branding and advertising are all about a "feel good" image. The juices are made from natural flavours, natural sweeteners and permitted food colours. The texture is smooth and with some juices, depending on the fruit, the juice is slightly more viscous.

Nestle Fruita Vitals flavours

With a decent amount of variety, the Nestle Fruita Vitals flavours cater to many different tastes. One can find a juice they like among the collection. The flavours include Chaunsa, Red Grape, Apple, Kinnow, Pineapple, Guava, and Peach. The Chaunsa, Guava and Peach juices are a bit thicker in texture.

There is a Super Premium range that has Red Anaar available; also there are options of Mint Margarita and Pina Colada. These latter two do not count as juices but as cocktail drinks that are made from a mix of different ingredients along with juice.

Sourcing the fruit locally gives it a hint of flavours specific to Pakistan.


Nestle Fruita Vitals are great for summer months, drinking cold juice can help one cool down. 

People with diabetic issues tend to avoid these juices, the added natural sweeteners make them a lot higher in sugar content in comparison to freshly extracted fruit juice.

The price of Nestle Fruita Vitals is competitive, making it affordable for more people. Their packages are either the 1000ml or the single-serving 200ml option.

Price List

Model Price
Nestle Fruita Vitals Sparkling Lime Juice, Can, 2… Rs. 100
Nestle Fruita Vitals Kandahari Red Anaar Nectar, … Rs. 110
Nestle Fruita Vitals Sparkling Peach Juice, Can, … Rs. 100
Nestle Fruita Vitals Kandahari Red Anaar Fruit Dr… Rs. 330
Nestle Fruita Vitals Falsa Gold Range Nectar, 1 L… Rs. 330
Nestle Fruita Vitals Sparkling Apple Juice Can, 2… Rs. 100
Nestle FRUITA VITALS Sparkling Cans Lime Rs. 98
6x NESTLE FRUITA VITALS Pineapple Juice 200ml Rs. 294
Nestle Fruita Vital Red Grape Juice Pet Bottle Rs. 230
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