Nestle Bunyad Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Nestle Bunyad in Pakistan is Rs.140 and estimated average price is Rs.596.


The Nestle Bunyad milk powder formula is fortified with essential nutrients such as Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C and A that help build a strong immune and nervous system in children.


Food Supplement 

Kids above the age of 1 can be given Nestle Bunyad regularly as a food source that will help make them strong and healthy. It is made from a reduced-fat blend of skimmed milk powder and vegetable fat in powdered milk form that is dissolvable in water.


Using clean water ensures your child can benefit from the nutrients in the powder. Two glasses a day of 250 ML will ensure the child has strong bones and digestive system. When children are nourished with these essential vitamins then they can perform better at school. Helping them focus on their studies without feeling hungry and tired. 

Adults can also benefit from having Nestle Bunyad to help maintain bone health. Women in Pakistan have a vitamin D and calcium deficiency that leads to early onset of arthritis. Having a regular glass of milk will be able to help create a well-balanced diet. 

Packaging Size

Nestle Bunyad is available in 130 grams which makes it easy to carry to work and while travelling ensuring you can feed your kids and it can also be used as a creamer for tea. There are 260 grams, 600 grams and the largest pack is 910 grams that can serve a large family. The affordability and long shelf life of Nestle Bunyad make it an ideal choice for families that are living on a tight budget.

It can be used as a safe and healthy alternative to full cream milk. It can last to up to 6 to 12 months after opening when stored properly in an airtight sealed container. The powder is nonfat dry milk that can be consumed 12 to 18 months after the manufacturing date. In certain conditions, the shelf life can be extended to two years. 

Price List

Model Price
Nestle Nido Bunyad Milk Powder, 600g Rs. 720
Nestle Nido Bunyad Milk Powder 910gm Rs. 1,050
Nestle Nido Bunyad Milk Powder - 600g Rs. 673
Nestle Bunyad - 260 Gm Rs. 314
Nestle Bunyad - 130gm Rs. 140
Nestle Bunyad 260 GM Rs. 320
Nestle Bunyad Milk Powder 260g Rs. 320
Nestle Bunyad 26 GM X12 Rs. 360
Nestle Bunyad 260 G Rs. 380
Nestle Nestle Nido Bunyad 260g Rs. 273
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