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The Lowest price of Neelam Stone in Pakistan is Rs.498 and estimated average price is Rs.5,343.


The astrologically important gem, Blue Sapphire is called Neelam or Neela Pukraj in Urdu. Neelam stone is sold in carats, "ratti" or "tola" in Pakistan and India. The price of Neelam stone in Pakistan depends on its originality and size. Burma, Ceylon/ Sri Lanka and Kashmir are the top three countries where you can find the best quality Neelam stone (Blue Sapphire).


Pakistani people love wearing rings with a large Neelam stone embedded in the centre. Neelam is either set in gold or platinum but since it has many astrological benefits, astrologers suggest Neelam stone should be studded in gold or silver and worn on the right hand.

Original Neelam Stone (Blue Sapphire)

To check if the Neelam gemstone is original one must carry out the following test.

1. Use a jeweller's magnifying glass to look closely at the stone for flaws and blemishes. Original Neelam stone will naturally have small specks of other materials while lab-created Neelam will be void of these flaws.

2. Breath on the Neelam stone to see how long the fog clears up. If the fog clears up in 2 seconds, the stone is real. If it takes longer than that, it is a fake Neelam.

3. Take the stone to a gemologist to get it certified for originality. They can best determine the originality of gems and can certify it with authority. A certified stone will be more valuable and easier to sell at your desired price.

4. Look for air bubbles as the lab-created ones come up lots of them. Naturally occurring Neelam stones are smooth and void of air bubbles.

5. Scratch the Neelam stone with another gem and if it gets a scratch it is fake. Real Neelam gemstones don't get scratched by other gems.

6. Turn off the light and inspect the stone under a bright flashlight. If it is real it will only reflect the colour it is. The fake gem will reflect different colours under the strong light.

7. Watch out for the crisscrossing design in Neelam as it indicates inferior quality.

Benefits of Neelam Stone

Astrologers believe that just like other precious gems, the Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone also brings good luck and numerous health benefits to the wearer if it suits them. It can result in multiple side effects if it doesn't suit the wearer and can prove to be very dangerous. That's why experts believe to test its effects before permanently wearing it to rule out any side effects.

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Price List

Model Price
Cylon Blue Gemstone 5 Carat Orignal Africon neela… Rs. 2,342
Real Indian Neelam Stone (With Free Surprise Gift… Rs. 498
Real Neelam Stone Pure Chandi Ladies Ring Rs. 4,999
Oval Shape African Neelam Gemstones (With free st… Rs. 499
Spiritual Store Saphire Stone 2.50 ct - Neelum St… Rs. 3,442
Spiritual Store Real Saphire Stone 2.55 ct - Neel… Rs. 1,785
Spiritual Store Real Green Saphire 3.45 ct - Neel… Rs. 5,175
Spiritual Store Natural Saphire Stone 2.70 ct - N… Rs. 3,645
Spiritual Store Natural Saphire Stone 2.20 ct - N… Rs. 2,640
Spiritual Store Saphire Stone 2.70 ct - Neelum St… Rs. 1,890
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