Neck Massager Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Neck Massager in Pakistan is Rs.1,299 and estimated average price is Rs.14,186.


A crucial part of the body, the neck carries a lot of weight and has a massive amount of nerves passing through it. Keeping our neck in good health is important for well being as a lot of stress builds up around it. An easy way to do this is with a neck massager. There are a few different kinds and the prices vary from affordable to expensive depending on the specific brand and type.


A neck massager is the quickest way to keep the neck less stressed. An important body part that carries quite a bit of weight and has a lot of nerves passing through it. If your neck is too stressed it starts to make you feel sluggish, so a neck massager is a great way to help destress the neck and keep it supple.

There are neck massagers that wrap around the back and sides of your neck and vibrate or have kneading knobs that press into it. These are the ones that run on electricity, and there are simpler neck massagers that are like a roller which one manually uses to apply pressure and massage the neck.

Certain neck massagers are made for the car and can be attached just below the head cushion to give you a massage while you travel in the car. 


Depending on the kind of neck massager and the brand it is from, the prices vary from affordable to higher end. Beurer is one of the more known brands that produce various massagers, including variants specifically for the neck.

Price List

Model Price
Neck Massager Cushion Rs. 1,299
Beurer MG 153 4D neck massager Rs. 21,780
Blueidea Neck And Shoulder Massager Rs. 3,849
Beurer Mg 153 4d Neck Massager Rs. 18,000
Neck Massager Rs. 1,499
HR Business Comfortable Neck Massager Cushion Rs. 1,950
Electric Infrared Neck Massager Pillow Rs. 3,077
Attari Cervical Massage Shawls and Power Drum Mas… Rs. 9,890
Electronic Pulse Shoulder And Neck Massager Rs. 1,977
Beurer MG-148 Shiatsu massage belt Soothing Shiat… Rs. 15,399
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