Nasgas Gas Hob Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Nasgas Gas Hob in Pakistan is Rs.13,970 and estimated average price is Rs.17,859.


A kitchen need, a hob is a stove that is installed in the kitchen, unlike the countertop stove. Nasgas has a range of options one can choose from.


A Nasgas Gas Hob would enable one to cook. Hobs are installed stoves 

The number of burners varies from hob to hob, some are simple with just two primary ones. Others have 3 and the larger hobs have up to five of varying sizes so one can use the one apt for their specific cooking needs.

The top of the Nasgas Gas Hobs is either made from tempered glass or steel, this makes them easy to wipe down and keep clean. The trivets on top of the burners that hold the pots and pans up are made with cast iron so they can take the heat and also have a non-stick coating so they are easy to clean.

Nasgas Gas Hobs also have an auto-ignition system that is powered by a small battery. This makes it super easy to start your fire without getting close to it.

The Nasgas Gas Hobs are for lower mid-range prices.

Price List

Model Price
NasGas Built-In Gas Hob 111BK Rs. 15,175
NasGas Built-in Gas Hob DG226S Rs. 17,050
NasGas Built-In Gas Hob DGGN2 Rs. 13,970
NasGas Built-in Gas Hob DG555 Rs. 20,800
NasGas Built-in Gas Hob GN5 Rs. 22,300
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