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The Lowest price of Mustard Sauce in Pakistan is Rs.84 and estimated average price is Rs.409.


Made from the seeds of the mustard plant, mustard sauce is a commonly used condiment. It is a go-to for burgers, hotdogs and sandwiches. It is used alongside many other foods too. The price of mustard sauce is in the nominal ranges, with some brands costing a bit more.


Mustard Sauce

The famed yellow sauce that is very often used for burgers, sandwiches and hotdogs. Made from seeds that belong to the mustard plant. These seeds are ground and mixed with water, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and at times other flavourings or spices. There are a variety of mustards and the colours range from a bright yellow to a brownish yellow depending on what all has been mixed in.

The taste of mustard is pungent at a base level but ranges from sweet to spicy based on the specific combination of ingredients. The basic heat and pungency come from the same ingredient that gives radish, wasabi and garlic their heat; it is known as 'allyl isothiocyanate'. 

More uses of mustard sauce

This sauce is had with many fried foods, especially with the ones that have breadcrumbs on them. It is also a common dressing for salads and is even added to marinades. 

Mustard sauce is often also mixed into mayonnaise when it is being prepared.


Mustard goes very well with fries as well, some people even mix a dash into their ketchup and then have it with fries.

The price of mustard is in the nominal ranges, though some brands may cost slightly more.

Price List

Model Price
Dipitt Honey Mustard 290gm Rs. 400
Pack of 2 Porcelain Baking Ramekins Creme Fruit… Rs. 460
American Garden U.S Mustard Paste-227 Gram Rs. 470
Delveseh MayoDIl Sauce | Mayonnaise + Mustard Sau… Rs. 292
Salt Pepper Mills Grinder Manual Push Silver Corn… Rs. 799
Random Color 440ML Plastic Squeeze Bottle with Li… Rs. 389
Youngs Creamy & Salted Mayonnaise 200 ml Rs. 210
Pack of 2 – Random Color Plastic Squeeze Bottle w… Rs. 330
Rossmorr Super Fine Mustard, Rich Yellow, Bottle,… Rs. 240
Youngs Chicken Spread Bbq 500 Ml Rs. 575
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